Issues & Positions

I'm Rita Palomino Marlow, and I am running for SeaTac City Council. For my husband and me, SeaTac is our future as we own a home here, so our roots are firmly planted in SeaTac.

As a homeowner, I share your concerns. Here are my priorities:

* CRIME PREVENTION: Public safety for our families and children is priority #1. I live in SeaTac but have worked in Seattle for many years. I know first hand what has happened to Seattle, and I don't want SeaTac to become another Seattle! When I'm on the City Council, I will be an advocate for law enforcement, support for our police, and humane treatment and rehabilitation for those suffering from drug addiction and alcoholism.

* LOWER TAXES: When I'm on the City Council, I will be a voice for fiscal responsibility, keeping taxes down, transparent budgeting, and preventing waste. I'm committed to making sure that SeaTac remains affordable for families and homeowners. I will advocate for businesses that create jobs for the people of our city.

* GOOD GOVERNMENT: I will build upon the success of the current City Council. Thanks to the City Council, property taxes haven't been raised in 4 years. Instead of being $4 million in debt, SeaTac now has a $25 million surplus. In SeaTac, the police are doing an excellent job under difficult circumstances. I will be a voice for every SeaTac resident. Our neighborhoods and communities must have their voices heard. The people of SeaTac - families, workers, homeowners, taxpayers - must be treated fairly and with respect.

*R* Responsibility
*I* Integrity
*T* Transparency
*A* Accountability

SeaTac is Ready for Rita! Vote Rita Palomino Marlow for SeaTac City Council.

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